History of Neptos

Major Events (New Age)


0 NA: end of the 3rd demon war, Immortuos Imprisoned

27 NA: Ferghail Attacked

237 NA: Uridium Empire unifies most of the Middle Kingdoms

471 NA: End of the first frost war

530 NA: Humans begin to colonize the Frontier

607 NA: Druid revolt in the Middle Kingdoms

610-620 NA: Fracturing of the Uridium Empire

633 NA: Caramdor succeeds from the Uridium Empire

647 NA: Burgs declares Independency from Raven

651 NA: Barossa Declares Independence from Del Poda

732 NA: Start of the second frost war

828 NA: Destruction of Stonegut Clan

829 NA: Destruction of Irnadal, Immortuos Released

830 NA: end of the 2nd frost war and rise of Marak-Khar

897 NA Nagaria slain by the Famous Force

953 NA: Birth Of Persus

970 NA: Jayce rescues Persus

970-973 NA: Persus and Jayce serve at Goblin Watch

976 NA: Elimination of Immortuos cult in Yellow Oak Wood

978 NA: Destruction of Immortuos Temple in the Pirate Isles

982 NA: First Foundations of Sanctuary laid

1003 NA: Hunting  down Chief

1013 NA: Avalin Attacked by Vonsedion

1023 NA: Kurig’s Hold Destroyed

1024 NA: Temple Of Immortuos in Grey Mnts destroyed