Neptos Currency

The most common currency across the world of Neptos is the Barter of goods and services. Particular in rural and smaller settlements.


In larger settlements, coins are a commonly accepted form of currency. The stamp or origin of a coin is not as important as the metallic contents of the coin and its weight.


Merchants and vendors often have scales on hand to determine the weight and value of coins that might be foreign to the place of trade.


Large cities may also have a range of banking services and trade houses that will issue credit notes for deposited coins and wealth.


Successful merchants and wealthy individuals regularly use these services.


Pawnshops and brokers can also be found in cities and some larger towns,  willing to give loans in exchange for collateral. The collateral typically outvalues the loan many times over to ensure these businesses remain profitable.




Four types of metal coins are commonly accepted across the globe as typical currency.

Gold (crown), Silver (eagle), Copper and Iron (pig)

1 gp = 10 sp = 100 cp = 500 irn

1 sp = 10 cp = 50 irn

1 cp = 5 irn


Typical coins weigh approximately .32 ounces or 9 grams

Gold, 1 gp:

50% gold, 40% copper, 10% silver

Silver, 1 sp:

75% silver, 25% copper.

Copper, 1cp :

92.5% copper, 7.5% silver

Iron/Pig, 1 irn :

100% iron


The value of goods and services can vary across the globe but simple commodities and services tend to have standard market values in most major cities.




Two eggs: 1 irn

Pint of cheap ale: 1 irn

Pint of good ale: 3 irn

1 lb of Bread: 1 cp

Small chicken: 2cp

Axe : 1sp 2cp

Linen shirt: 3 sp

Short Sword: 5 sp

Tunic: 9 sp

Longsword: 1 gp

Goat: 1 gp

Gambeson Tunic: 2 gp

Small room, Inn rent: 5 gp/year per person

Full steel chain mail: 20 gp

Steel Full plate: 100 gp


Typical salary/wage


Stable boy: 1 irn/day or 7.3 sp/year

Unskilled laborer: 3 cp/day or 10.8gp/year

Sailor: 4 cp/day or 14.6 gp/year

City watch/guard: 6 cp/day or 21.9 gp/year

Clerk/Journeyman crafter: 1 sp/day or 36.5 gp/ year

Mercenaries: 1.5 sp/day or 54.75 gp/year

Master crafter: 5 sp/day or 182.5 gp/year