Caramdor is the largest nation in Western Thytika.

The Kingdom of Caramdor was a frontier colony of the Uridium Empire five hundred years ago.

As the Empire’s power waned due to internal strife Caramdor seceded and maintained its independence without opposition.

Caramdor is ruled by the Royal line of Constantine.

It’s a wealthy and advanced nation with strong militaristic and arcane traditions.

Its current ruler is the Queen Regent Rose Constantine, a commoner by birth, but well-loved and respected by her people.


Rose married the now-deceased King Alexander IV Constantine and rules in her son’s stead, who abdicated his claim on the throne in favor of his son, Alexander V, who is yet to come of age.


Caramdor is a Multi-Cultural Kingdom as its original settlers hailed from all over the Uridium Empire.

Caramdor has the highest population of Half-elves and Half-orcs in Western Thytika.


Caramdor’s major exports are olive oil, gold, arms/armour, and education in the arcane.

Evandross, the Capital city, and Talista, the home of the Crown Prince of Caramdor, facilitates some of the very rare magic trade that trickles across the globe.


The wizarding academies and licensed arcane traders facilitate these transactions, as the power of magic and its expense draws the eyes of powerful thieves’ guilds and avarice Dragons.


A lot of Caramdor’s wealth also comes from acting as a major trade hub for goods moving to and from the Middle Kingdoms and the Free Coast and thus shipbuilding and ship repairing facilities in all its coastal cities and towns make up a good portion of its economy.


Caramdor’s boasts a number of wizarding academies and universities that attract students from all over the frontier.


Caramdor has a proud history of military traditions.

It boasts a well-trained and funded professional army including elite Griffon cavalry wings, a large navy, and some of the world’s best war wizards.

All male nobles are required to give military service to the nation and many daughters of noble houses volunteer their services as well.


Caramdor has the largest Wizarding academies in Western Thykita.

It controls two major Royal colleges of war wizards in both Evandross and Talista as well as some smaller private academies and universities.

Children found with a strong affinity to magic are drafted into the military, given a free education but are required to give 20 years of services to the nation.

Those that have the magical spark but do not display a predetermined level of talent are free to peruse a career in magic through some of the smaller schools or to be taught as an apprentice by retired war wizards in the traditional master-student arrangement.


Magic is not forbidden in Caramdor but its misuse is harshly punished, with hefty fines and even prison time in anti-magic cells designed to contain magic users.

Major Settlements



Evandross: – 200,000 population

Talista: – 45,000 population.

Prokos: – 10,000 population


Major Towns (over 1,500 population)


Cutters point:  – 8,000 population

Westfield: – 8,000 population

Bastra: – 6,000 population

Vaspa: – 6,000 population

Vandimir: – 5,000 population

Otonis: – 2,000 population

Riverton: – 1,700 population

Tenby: – 1,500 population

Muston: – 1,500 population

Barkers: – 1,500 population

Hope: – Town 1,500 population

Attis: – 1,500 population

Salford: – 1,500 population

Colfield: – 1,500 population

Tannis: – 1,500 population


Market settlements (500-1,500 population)


A market Settlement is defined by a settlement that has obtained a charter or license from the Crown to host a market.

Caramdor has a total of 40 market settlements not including cities and major towns

Burry: – 1,000 population


Fortresses and Castles


Aspitha: – 5,000 population

Krisos: – 5,000 population


Castle Perasma

Goblin Watch

Thea Thalasa






Constitutional Monarchy


Regent Rose Constantine

Capital City










Armour, Weapons, Olive Oil, Gold, Education, Magic, Shipbuilding, Lumber


Paper, Wine, Luxury Items


Major Religions

Tolerated Religions