The Network

The Network is a semi-secret conglomerate of trade houses, powerful merchants, mercenary companies, spy networks, and thieves guilds.


The Network weilds a respectable amount of power in the Middle Kingdoms,  controlling much trade and able to influence nobles and even monarchs.


The network is known to provide some of the most reliable,  mercenaries, spies, and assassins in all the world. It also trades in valuable information and knowledge, having vast access to libraries, sages, and wizards throughout the lands.


Many members of the Network are honest merchants that see value and security in being part of a larger network or guild or merchants in order to safeguard their trades. Others however like to toe the line of legality leveraging on the Network’s influence and resources to engage in less than savory endeavors.


The Network is trying to expand its sphere of influence on the frontier placing agents in key positions in many settlements of the Free Cities Coalition. These agents are tasked with uncovering information and secrets to allow the Network to better profit from the lucrative trade that passes from the Free Coast to the Middle Kingdoms.


The Commission


The Network is said to be ruled by a small council of anonymous individuals referred to as The Commission. It is suspected this council is made up entirely of elves, but a popular conspiracy theory is that The Commission answers to an Ancient Dragon who is the true ruler of The Network.






Magister Abarax



Number of Members



The Commision