The Demon Gods of the Abyss (Underworld)

The Demon Gods, represent the sin, evil, and suffering of all mortals of Neptos.


The Demon Gods are in constant flux, all vying for supremacy over each other to emerge as the supreme God to rule over the underworld as the Chief Demon God.


The Demon Gods are generally evil but not always shunned by civilization.

Life is not without sin or suffering and thus, some worship of a select few Demon Gods is tolerated in some nations and settlements.


Other Demon Gods, like Immortuos, are universally hated and any worship is forbidden and persecuted.


The Demon Gods are not omnipotent. They share the mortal flaws of their worshipers as well as their mortal desires.


Through worship, the gods gain power and influence. In return, they grant powers to their faithful through divine magic.


This creates a synergistic relationship between the Gods and mortals of the world where the gods’ powers expand according to the devotion of their followers.


There is much theological debate amongst scholars, sages, and clerics as to what came first, the gods or the worship? However, one thing remains true. The divine is no illusion and the powers gods grant their followers are real.


While the Demon Gods represent mostly human needs,  their worship is not exclusive and all races can give their devotion and receive the gods’ gifts in return.


Each Demon God represents a Portfolio or Domain of worship.

The Abyssal War

The Abyss is the dark plane of chaos, but the terrible forces dwelling there were not always intent on destroying or enslaving the mortal world, as many churches teach.


The demon gods fight amongst themselves as much as against the other gods in a constant battle for supremacy.


Thankfully for the rest of Creation, no demon god ever gains much advantage over the others and alliances fall apart as quickly as they were formed.


This endless vying for supremacy amongst the Demon Gods of the Abyssal War is sometimes call “The Blood War”.

Thirteen Demon Gods of the Underworld

Lokus: The unseen: Demon god of the 1st layer of the underworld and god of thieves, lies, and deceit


Acheron: The merciless: Demon god of the 2nd layer of the underworld and god of murderers and assassins


Bael: The harbinger of disorder: Demon god of the 3rd layer of the underworld and god of anarchy and chaos.


Zaratos: The destroyer: Demon god of the 4th layer of the underworld and god of destruction


Seth the Slave driver: Demon god of the 5th layer of the underworld and god of tyranny and oppression


Asmodeus: The prince of temptation: Demon god of the 6th layer of the underworld and god of lust, obsession, and temptation.


Akuma: The master of misfortune: Demon god of the 7th layer of the underworld and god of bad luck and misfortune.


Mamon:  The insatiable beast: Demon god of the 8th layer of the underworld and god of gluttony and excess.


Oni: The maker of madness: Demon god of the 9th layer of the underworld and god of paranoia and insanity.


Sut: The hopeless prophet: Demon god of the 10th layer of the underworld and god of despair and anguish.


Eurynomos: The pestilent wave: Demon god of the 11th layer of the underworld and god of Disease and Plagues.


Mepheston: The betrayer: Demon god of the 12th layer of the underworld and god of traitors and betrayal.


Immortuos: The duke of the damned: Demon Lord of the 13th layer of the underworld and god of undeath. (Also known as the returned)