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    Notable Inhabitants

    Chief was a half-orc of incredible size. He led the inner council of Sanctuary in the absence of Lord Persus.

    Age: 46 years old
    Size: 6'10" 330lbs
    Race: Half-orc
    Lord Persus was a mysterious but famous champion of Light, a Paladin of Helios. He was the Lord of Sanctuary

    Age: 70 years old
    Size: 5'11" 180lbs
    Race: Half-elf
    Father Gorak was a half-orc, warrior priest of Aris. He was a member of the inner council of Sanctuary.

    Age: 41 years old
    Size: 6'2" 200lbs
    Race: Half-orc
    Kurig was a minor war chief in the armies of Vlak.

    Age: 28 years old
    Size: 6'5" 250lbs
    Race: Hobgoblin
    Lord Aramon was an ancient Warlock Priest of Eurynomos that fought in the third demon war.

    Age: Over 1,000 years old
    Size: Unknown
    Race: Human
    Zyler was a Plague Knight of Eurynomos, serving as Lord Aramon’s most trusted lieutenant at the fortress temple of Ferghail.

    Age: Over 1,000 years old
    Size: 5'10" 170lbs
    Race: Human
    Vonsedion was a cruel and vicious Black Dragon who cared for nothing but himself.

    Age: Over 1,600 years old
    Size: 40ft. tall 30 tonnes
    Race: Dragon

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