Greenest is a fortified town, nestled in close to the Noxious Glade and boarded by the dangerous Goblin Hills to the west. It is a lonely bastion of civilization described as being in the middle of nowhere.


Despite the close proximity of these dangerous untamed lands, the town is both prosperous and dynamic beholden to no greater kingdom or nation though it does have close ties with the Free Cities Coalition and the Province nation of Burgs to the south.


Greenest is a virtual armed camp, with almost all citizens bearing arms of some type and more than capable of using them in time of need.


Despite this overwhelming armed presence, the inner town is amongst the safest on the frontier.


The center of the town is dominated by Malzar the Grand’s tall mage tower.

Stores and row houses are nestled in at its base in a circular pattern sprawling out across the town towards the outer walls.




Greenest is governed by its citizens in a free society with almost no oversight from a higher political rule.


A lone Sheriff with the power to hire mercenary guards on behalf of the town, is elected by the citizens to uphold the law and ensure peace is maintained.


The presence of so many armed citizens means trouble rarely occurs within the town.


The Sheriff mostly posts bounties and assigns patrols to ensure the surrounding farmsteads and hamlets are secure from roving bands of brigands and monstrous foes venturing from the Wild Moor and Goblin Hills.






Greenest is surrounded by a number of small villages, hamlets,  large farmsteads, and ranches that produce more than enough food to meet the needs of the thriving town.


Trade concerns, like the profitable Black Sons Company, own a number of farms that transport livestock under heavy guard to the Barony of Burgs in the south and its capital city of Arbarest.


Like the citizens of the town, the farmers and laborers of these farms are armed,  often being former soldiers and mercenaries. Many of the farming hamlets and homesteads are built, clustered together, on top of hills for ease of defence. Some even have their own palisade walls.


Dwarven shepherds are known to tame dire wolves to overlook their flocks, large enough to give even the most aggressive orc pause from raiding their herds.




While Agriculture is a profitable venture it is not the primary trade for Greenest.

The town’s location and presence of many notable Mages and Wizards, like Malazar the Grand, attracts a large number of adventurers, mercenaries, and fortune seekers, searching for lucrative employment opportunities on behalf of the town’s Sheriff and arcane practitioners.


Employment opportunities include bounties, bodyguard services, caravan guard duties, town guard services as well as other more specialized services and quests that only experienced adventurers can fulfill.


There is no shortage of wizards and mages ready to hire parties to look for rare spell components or alchemical and herbalist ingredients that exist in dangerous locations like the Noxious Glade, Goblin Hills, and Wild Moor.


Also, in residency are agents representing the largest cities, nations, and organizations in Western Thytika having permeant offices in town looking for special services or goods that only adventurers can procure.


Arcane Apprenticeships


The unusual amount of wizards and mages attracts students looking to study magic.

Training in the arts under the master-apprentice format of old carries a certain amount of prestige.


Wealthy families whose children have been found to possess the arcane spark, pay handsomely to secure their children an apprenticeship in Greenest rather than sending them to a wizarding academy in one of the major cities.


Malazar the Grand only takes the most talented individuals as his apprentices.

Dragon’s Head Inn


The Dragon’s head Inn is a well-maintained and spacious establishment.

Above the massive hearth of the common room, a Dragon’s head has been preserved, mounted, and put on display, its mouth hung open in an eternal roar.


Around the head are five framed portraits including that of the Inn’s owner, the famed dwarf leader, Dauravyn Greenbeard,  of the famous force that ventured into the Noxious glade over a century ago, and slayed the Green Dragon.


The inn is one of the most popular focal points for veterans and would-be adventurers in all the frontier.


Here bounties and requests for services are posted regularly on the inn’s notice board. The inn, acting as a trade house for adventuring and mercenary services.


The Dragon’s Head Inn is said to serve excellent meat pies.



Notable Inhabitants

Dauravyn Greenbeard

Malazar the Grand



Greenest Environs

Greenest is surrounded by farming communities of varying sizes, that supply the thriving town with all manner of agricultural produce and livestock.  Most single-dwelling farms are no further than a couple of miles from the town’s walls for safety.


However, a few villages and hamlets are as far as a half day’s travel from the town proper. These communities are made up of houses and stables and usually clustered together on a hill. Easily defensible with some surrounded by their own palisade walls.


Hilop Fields: 310 population, village

Levgard Homestead: 270 population, Small village

Green Pastures: 190 population, Small village

Tri mills: 160 population, Small village

Lornstead: 100 population, Hamlet

Black Sons Farm: 90 population, Farmstead

Morgan’s Hamlet: 80 population, Hamlet

Harrod’s Ranch: 70 population, Farmstead

Green Vines: 60 population, Vineyard









3,000 (town)

6000 (inc surrounding villages, hamlets, and farms)











(including, Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins)










Luxury Goods


Major Religions

Allmost all