Dragons are amongst the mightiest of mortals in all the lands.

It is unclear from where dragons came from but they predate all other races on Neptos


Dragons can be as diverse in their morality and personalities as the other races but one trait they all share is an aura of arrogance and belief in their superiority over all other mortal creatures.

Life and Death

An ancient dragon can live for thousands of years, only becoming more powerful as they age, until they burn out and die.


As dragons age, they grow in size, power, and intellect. Their scales become increasingly more impervious and they acquire more innate magical power.


Old dragons (usually over 500 years of age) are able to shapeshift into a single preferred form of one of the other mortal races and mingle with humanoids largely undetected.


For reasons unknown, Dragons only breed with other dragons within their own subrace. Metallic with Metallic and Chromatic with Chromatic. However, when a coupling does occur, the mother always determines the color of her progeny.


Male dragons give large concessions in wealth and services to females to ensure their progeny is of the same color as them.


Dragons reproduce at an extremely slow rate. Dragon young are often centuries apart in age.


Shandrel, an Old Green dragon, is famous amongst Dragonkin in all the Lands for being able to produce children at a high rate (for Dragon kin) and has amassed a lot of power in her home of the Noxious Glade.

Chromatic Dragons from all over the world travel in hopes of mating with Shandrel to produce a child that can serve them. Shandrel only allows the most powerful or most charismatic of dragons to mate with her, and even then at a great price.


It is said that an old dragon can mate with some of the humanoid races while shapeshifted.

The progeny of these rare couplings manifest rare magical powers, that are passed down to future generations through their bloodlines.

Armored Scales

As dragons mature, their scales become increasingly more resilient. Adult dragons’ scales grow thick and are said to be as tough as tempered steel while also being lighter, making them all but impossible to penetrate with a sword and spear.

To add to this already formidable outer coat of natural armor, dragons have a dense layer of fibrous connective tissue from which their scales are grown. These fibers are very resilient, and flexible,  able to “catch” balls from black powder weapons making dragons largely proofed against firearms.

The combination of these two layers of defense creates an organic composite armor whose sum of the total protection, is greater than the individual parts.

Where some black powder weapons can penetrate outer scales, they struggle to penetrate the dense organic fibers beneath.

While bladed weapons (including broad-headed arrows) can cut through the dense fibers under the scales, most of them lack the power in the hands of mortals to penetrate the steel-like outer scales.


This does not make dragons completely invulnerable. A dragon has a number of weak spots that are not armored, such as its eyes and mouth. And it’s not impossible to find some narrow gaps between scales to drive a blade or spear through.

The problem of course is getting that close to a dragon to have the opportunity to strike at these weaker areas.


There are two broad types of dragons. Chromatic dragons and Metallic dragons.

For reasons, unknown Chromatic dragons are usually evil in nature while Metallic dragons are possessed of good moral fiber.


All dragons are free-willed and while there are exceptions to this stereotype, more often than not it holds true.


Chromatic Dragons


Red (Chaotic Evil)

Reds are the most arrogant of all Chromatic dragons. Their arrogance is well deserved as they are the largest and physically mightiest of all chromatic dragons.


Their breath enables them to launch deadly fireballs like missiles from hundreds of meters away to explode amidst their foes, or to spew flames in a concentrated fan hot enough to melt steel and stone.


Reds prefer to live under mountains, close to volcanic activity or hot vents as they are totally immune to heat and fire.


Black (Chaotic Evil)

Blacks are the vilest of all dragons. They are both cruel and evil.

They are the least common subrace of Dragons, as most other subraces of dragons, do not like to breed with them.


Black’s can project a corrosive stream of acid from their mouth powerful enough to melt steel and the flesh of any living creature.

Their acid breath is often referred to as “Black Fire” because it can ignite almost any combustible materials it comes in contact with.

Blacks prefer a life of solitude away from civilization.

Blacks are amphibious,  making their homes in swamps, marshes, and bogs but sometimes in forests or jungles.


Green (Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral)


Green Dragons are the most manipulative and cunning of all Dragons.

They are sometimes referred to as druidic dragons, as it is not uncommon for them to  worship Lycos as well as the Draconic Gods


Like all dragons, they are immensely powerful,  however, they prefer to fulfill their objectives through subtle means only resorting to physical confrontation if necessary.


Some of the largest thieves’ guilds, networks of assassins, and spies in the world are headed by Old Green dragons in humanoid form.


Greens are able to emit cones of noxious gasses powerful and potent enough to fell, dwarves, who are resistant to poisons.


Greens are amphibious preferring to live in forests and lakes, rivers, and swamps.



White (Lawful evil, Chaotic Neutral)

Whites are the most martial of the chromatic dragons. They love to fight, either subjugating lesser creatures to wage wars or hiring out their services to evil lords and nations for a larget cut of the spoils of cities they sack.


Whites can launch icicles with the power of arquebus balls in a narrow stream from high above or cones of cold that can freeze a man solid.


Whites prefer the cold climates of high mountains or frozen wastes for their homes.


Blue (Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral)

Blue dragons are known as the entrepreneurs of dragonkin. They hire out their services to anyone as long as the price is right with little regard for the cause.

Many old blue dragons take humanoid forms and operate powerful businesses and profitable concerns amassing huge amounts of wealth and power over hundreds of years.


Blue dragons can unleash channels of force lightning in narrow swaths able to blast holes through fortified gates and ship hulls.

Blues are amphibious, able to live underwater as easily as on land.


Blues prefer to live in or close to great bodies of water, near major cities or nations.



Metallic Dragons


Gold (Neutral Good)

Gold dragons are more aloof than arrogant. They are the mightiest of the Metallic dragons that employ a similar breath attack to Reds.

Silver (Lawful Good)

Silvers are martial dragons but always fight for a cause of justice.

Silvers are the chosen of Nemean and are usually honorable and good, never resorting to stealing or plundering for their treasure.

Silver Dragons employ the same breath weapons as White dragons and they almost always live close to great civilizations.


Young Silvers hire themselves out for gold or treasure but out of all the dragons they are the least greedy and avarice.


For silvers, some causes are worth fighting and will often only demand a single copper piece for their services just to claim they were paid.


This behavior is unusual and odd by dragons’ standards.


Bronze (Chaotic Good)

Bronze dragons are adventurers at heart. They love to travel, fight and explore the world.

In general, they are good-natured and will not hire their services out to an evil cause. But unlike Silvers, they embrace their avarice nature and demand fair payment for fair services.


If a cause is righteous enough, a Bronze will accept a debt of payment but they always collect on their contracts.


Wise rulers do not risk the ire of a Bronze dragon or take advantage of their good nature. Bronze dragons have been known to cause much trouble for rulers that do not honor their pacts with them.


A bronze will always assess the nature of why a debt is late, taking all factors into consideration.

They are patient, and it’s not unheard of for a Bronze to collect on a debt generations later, from the decedents of the original contractor.


Bronze dragons are able to unleash channels of force lightning in narrow swaths similar to Blue dragons.

Bronze dragons are amphibious able to live underwater as easily as on land.

Notable Dragons







The Great Hephasteous Ignatius

General Pagos

Grand Master Astrapos Fulgaris

Izariel Galacius




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