Hobgoblins are a race of monstrous humanoids that originated from the far east lands north of the Yu-Yu Ling Empire.


Migrating across the lands over the millennia, they now inhabit pockets of the western continent in their fortified settlements and wage war on their neighbors for glory and honor.


Hobgoblin society is a militocracy. All facets of life in hobgoblin society revolve around war.


Hobgoblins emulate the people of the far east in their code of war and honor.

They live in fortified castles or walled towns and regularly launch assaults on their neighbours in order to prove their superiority on the field of combat.


There is very little art or culture in hobgoblin society that does not involve the pursuit of material practice.


They possess excellent craftsmen that can produce very high-quality weapons and armour, but outside of the military application, they lack the technology of the other races.


Hobgoblins see themselves as superior to all other humanoid races and are considered evil in their pursuits of endless war and conquest.


They employ large populations of slaves to administer to the non-martial aspects of their lives and the needs of their society. Usually, these slaves are goblins but, hobgoblins will enslave any race they conquer.


Rogue hobgoblins in human societies are rare but not unheard of.


Hiring themselves out as mercenaries, bodyguards or bounty hunters they are subject to much distrust but are well-reputed to be reliable in their service.


Hobgoblin Art by Richardsimpsonart


Magic is seen as impure in the face of honorable combat and viewed with a level of suspicion amongst hobgoblins.

However, wise commanders see its value on the field of battle, and hobgoblin society has developed a unique school of destructive magic.


Hobgoblin War Wizards are able to manipulate their magic and spells to have a minimal impact on their own troops. This means their magic is not as potent as the magic of other races but its advantages are without question


A hobgoblin wizard is able to explode a fireball in the midst of its own ranks to kill many enemies but leaves the hobgoblins largely unscathed.


This type of warfare is difficult to deal with and gives hobgoblins a large advantage in the field of combat.

Major Hobgoblin Forces in Western Thytika

Vlak’s Hold

Varjak’s Horde

Odroc’s Citadel

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General Information

Avg. age

80-90 years




Pointed ears

Sharp teeth

Skin colour

Orange and red-brown