Goblin Hills

The Goblin Hills is a large expanse of rolling hills infested on the frontier with all types of monstrous humanoids and home to two very large nations of hobgoblins and orcs.


The Hills are quite fertile but hold no civilized towns, only ruins infested by warring factions of orcs, hobgoblins, and lesser giants (Ogres and Hill giants).


The southern reaches of the Hills are claimed by a hobgoblin warlord named Varjak, who is rumored to have fifty thousand hobgoblin warriors, countless goblin slaves, and even lesser giants under his command.


The ruins of the city of Hilltop, in the northern reaches of the Goblin Hills, is the capital of a large clan known as the Stone Hammers numbering in the hundreds of thousands of orcs.


Varjak covets this once-proud city and his forces frequently clash with the Stone Hammers.


This endless battle is the only thing protecting the human provinces and cities of the frontier, as the monstrous armies ignored them in their all-consuming hatred for each other.





Orcs, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Ogres, Hill Giants



Major Inhabitants

Orc Clans

Stone Hammer Clan

Hobgoblin nation

Varjak’s Horde

Ogre tribes

Blood Eye Tribe