Wild Moor

The Wild Moor is a large untamed expanse extending for many miles of heath, lichen-covered outcroppings, and hidden gullies deep in the frontier.


There are relatively few large predators in the Wild Moor thanks to the goblins, hobgoblins, orcslesser giants, and monstrous creatures who have slain or taken these large predators as pets.


The lack of natural predators and led to an imbalance and abundance of grazing and herbivorous creatures to run unchecked across the large expanse.

These herbivorous, mostly wild goats sustain the inhabitants as the Moor makes for poor farming.


The Wild Moors are dominated by hobgoblin and orcish tribes that frequently clash with each other making the region incredibly unsafe for wandering travelers.


These hobgoblin and orcish tribes often spill out of the Moor to invade and raid the surrounding civilized settlements of the Free Cities’ Coalition.


Additionally, there are roaming ogres, hill Giants and trolls.


It is not unheard of to see Dragons flying over the vast Moors hunting for food or in search of a fabled treasure.


In amongst all this are old ruins, mostly dwarven but some failed human settlements.


Most are abandoned and crumbling to dust but others are inhabited by the very same orcs, and hobgoblins mentioned above.

Rumors hold that others hold more evil and foul creatures.


In the past adventurers have made become famous for their exploits in the moors.


The most famous being The Wild Boars that ventured out of Woodhill as well as more recently the members of Sanctuary.

Notable Locations


Blood River

Crystal Lake

Vlak’s Hold



Moor Land



Blood Moons

Yellow Suns

Black Hands

Red Claws

Vlak’s Territories

Broken Dagger Clan

Dagger Tribe