The Fateful Force’s Pick – Kings of The Wyld – N. Eames, (Warning Mature Content)

The Fateful Force’s Pick – Kings of The Wyld – N. Eames, (Warning Mature Content)

Nicholas Eames’ debut book, Kings of the Wyld, is a wyld adventure from start to finish.

The story is set in a world, where successful mercenary bands (adventuring parties) are akin to modern-day rockstars. Their exploits, legendary.  Their personas, larger than life.

And there is no other band more famous than Mother F@#king  Saga!

Kings of the Wyld is undoubtedly a D&D (or Pathfinder) story. The classic tale revolves around a group of adventurers embarking on quests for the greater good of the world, slaying all types of familiar monsters straight out of the Monster’s Manual.

But unlike classic D&D tales, where heroes are role models,  ladies are virtuous and most monsters are evil, Eames’ paints a tale of Sex, Drugs, and Shenanigans!

Kings of the Wyld is gritty and rough around the edges, where adventurers are just as interested in slaying girls in the bedroom as they are monsters on the trail.

After all, what’s the point of being a famous rocksta…eh … Mercenary Band, if you can’t pull the chicks (or dudes)?

The only problem for most of the members of Saga, is they are well out of their prime. Burnt-out, over-the-hill, middle-aged men.

And this is where the insanity begins. So buckle in because you’re in for a Wyld adventure!

This book has so much going for it that it’s hard to nail down what I loved the most. The characters, especially Clay “Slowhand” Cooper (the POV character), are well-fleshed out, and most of all relatable. Despite his many flaws, Clay loves his wife and daughter dearly, so when his best friend (Golden Gabe) and fellow member of Saga, tries to drag him out of retirement, he is undoubtedly reluctant.

But in typical mid-life crisis fashion, he is convinced to help round up the other members of the Band for one last tour and one last chance at glory! But this time all for the right reasons!

The writing is sharp and witty (and explicit), and the dialogue engaging. There is never a dull moment and the antics of the storytelling screams, of players f@#cking with their DM (Dungeon Master) and the DM dishing it back in equal measures.

And this, in my opinion, is where the real genius in the writing lies. As stated above this is a D&D story. It is peppered with all manner of creatures fans of the genre will be familiar with. But for the avid fan, it’s the clever dialogue and subtle references to D&D game mechanics as well as table-side antics, that really make this story pop.

Take Clay ‘Slowhand‘ Copper’s name for example. If ‘Slowhand’ is not a nickname coined by fellow players at a table, to make fun of the character and its reputation for constantly rolling low on their initiative, then “I’ll be a Troll’s new testicle”. 

There are countless instances throughout the book that can only be the thematic descriptions of dice rolls. Without giving spoilers, my personal favorite is the banter between Clay and Gabe, a result of an obviously failed perception check while on watch duty one night.

Kings of the Wyld is a must-read for anyone who loves epic fantasy, and especially for those that love D&D (and other Tabletop RPGs). Kings of the Wyld is hands down the best book I have read in the last decade!

A natural 20!



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