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Change of Fortune: Prequel to The Tome of Syyx.

    A Fateful Force Origins Story: Prequel Short Story to the Tome of Syyx

    Change of Fortune takes place six years before the events of the Epic Fantasy The Tome of Syyx. It shows Akke as a young street kid, doing what she must to survive in the corrupt city of Newport. Little does she know, that on this fateful day, her life will be forever changed.


    The Tome of Syyx


    One thousand years after the Third Blood War, an ancient evil threatens to return.

    Tainted by his orcish blood, Zom has grappled with his mixed heritage his entire life. But upon discovering Sanctuary, a town for half-breeds, he has finally found a home worth fighting for.
    The only problem is, he needs to convince his newfound friends, Akke, Ailuros, and Osho, to help him on a series of daring missions that will help secure the town’s position in the region.

    But the small team of misfits soon discover that orcs and hobgoblins are hardly the only threats to peace on the frontier.

    A ruthless dragon has awakened, and an imprisoned god returns to plague the world.
    Finding themselves at odds and in over their heads, they must agree to seek help from the most dangerous of sources, if they wish to survive the coming conflict.


    Kirkus Reviews Critics Pick ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    – 2022 CIBA Ozma Book Awards Finalist in Fantasy Fiction Category

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    Broken Promises


    Street gangs, corrupt merchants, and a powerful thieves guild. What could go wrong?

    Fighting orcs and hobgoblins on the frontier has seasoned Akke, but her return to the city of her birth could prove just as challenging.

    In a race against time to rescue an old friend, Akke and Ailuros land in the middle of a brewing gang war, where a person’s safety must be bargained for with more than just gold.

    But Akke must be careful what she promises and to whom, for dangers lurk everywhere. Some of them harder to see than others.












    The Enemy Within (Coming 2024)


    What if our best chance for victory, was also the greatest threat to our existence?

    War rages in the Wild Moor as Vlak’s hobgoblins seek revenge on Sanctuary for the destruction of one of their outposts a year earlier. Zom must lead his orcs in an alliance with humans and dwarves in a desperate battle to once again prove that his tribe is different, and can be trusted.

    Meanwhile, a spate of murders in Fairhaven has left the city on edge, and Akke and Ailuros are tasked with investigating the strange occurrences to uncover the motive.

    How are the two events related, and what great evils brew behind the violence?



















    The Fateful Force Book Series

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    Multi Award Winning Author Stavros Saristavros

    2022 Global Book Awad Winner in Action & Adventure – Fantasy

    2022 Ozma CIBA FINALISTS for Fantasy Fiction

    Stavros Saristavros is a Greek-Australian world-building extraordinaire who creates elaborate fantasy realms based on his vast experience as a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master. When he’s not enthralling his readers and D&D party members with his twisting plots and surprising character development, he shares free role playing game (RPG) battle maps and resources on his website for tabletop gamers.

    As an avid MMA fan, he trains extensively in boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is a Black Belt in karate – all of which helps him write realistic fight sequences in his action-packed novels. Don’t miss The Tome of Syyx, the first novel in The Fateful Force series today!

    Editorial Reviews


    “Stavros Saristavros’ Dungeons & Dragons-inspired debut, THE TOME OF SYYX, is an epic labor of love that is sure to resonate with like-minded readers.” – James Weiskittel


    Fans of the whole LitRPG genre, Dungeons and Dragons, and fantasy fans will find something to love here – and even those who are not well versed in these subjects can find a wonderful introductory experience of them in The Tome of Syyx.

    Manybooks – Naomi Bolton


    An engaging tale filled with epic battles and plenty of magic.



    The Tome of Syyx is an emotional rollercoaster interspersed with high-stakes battles, intrigue, and a cast of lovable characters. I can’t wait to see what the next installment will bring.

    Memento Nerdy Blog


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gritty, eloquent, and teaming with plot twists!
     Saristavros’ debut to The Fateful Force series is an unrivaled combination of immersive worldbuilding, gripping action sequences, haunting necromancy, and diverse fantasy races that will enthrall even the pickiest fantasy readers!