Kingdom of Broken Shackles

The Kingdom of Broken Shackles is a reclusive nation of Orcs that claimed and settled a large swath of land in the middle of the frontier after the Second Frost war.


This large parcel of land is hemmed in by a circular mountain range with few passes leading into it.

It formally belonged to the Elven Kingdom of Irandel that was destroyed during the second Frost War by the orcs.


It is an unusually fertile land where the orcs herd wild beasts and even conduct agriculture and stick to their own kind without outside interference.


Unlike most of the other orc tribes and clans that infest the frontier, the Kingdom of Broken shackles sticks to their territory honoring the treaty they signed with the Kingdom of Caramdor at the conclusion of the Second Frost War.


However, they do treat interlopers and trespassers harshly and aggressively and do not tolerate any non-orc visitors without express permission on their claimed lands.


The orcs are fierce warriors trained from birth to wield weapons of war.


Every orc is a soldier in the hordes of the Kingdom regardless of sex. Female orcs are often in positions of leadership, their physical prowess equal to that of male orcs.


The Orcs have a captured Elven Airship, plundered during the Great Orc Uprising.


Orcs in general are universally hated by all other races.

The Kingdom of Broken shackles is no different however, a treaty between these orcs and  Caramdor has held for two centuries.


Even the Elves and Dwarves honour this peace, with great restraint.

All orcs and half-orcs are welcome within the kingdom’s borders but they all must respect the laws and honored agreement between the orcs and humans.


Orcs clans and tribes that don’t share the kingdom’s vision for its people forge their own destinies outside the kingdom.


There are some clans and tribes within the Kingdom that want to break the peace, but the current Warlord is a descendent of the Great Marak-Khar and holds true to God-Cheiftan’s vision for his people.

Major Settlements



Marak-Khar: – 10,000 population






Clan Leaders

Chieftan Warlord

Capital City








Major Religions