Orc Pantheon

The Orc Gods, represent the specific needs of all orc and are the youngest gods of Neptos.


The first Orc God manifested at the birth and creation of the orcs as a race.


The First God was Ogrul, Deity of War and Destruction but over time more other gods manifested according to the needs of the youngest race of Neptos.


The gods are the most powerful beings in existence but they are not omnipotent. They share the mortal flaws of their worshipers as well as their mortal desires.


Through worship, the gods gain power and influence. In return, they grant powers to their faithful through divine magic.


This creates a synergistic relationship between the gods and mortals of the world where the gods’ powers expand according to the devotion of their followers.


There is much theological debate amongst scholars, sages, and clerics as to what came first, the gods or the worship? However, one thing remains true. The divine is no illusion and the powers gods grant their followers are real.


The orc gods represent the needs of orcs and half-orcs to the exclusion of other races.


Each Orc God represents a Portfolio or Domain of worship.


Because of the nature of the creation of Orc, some of the Demon Gods are also Orc Gods.


Marak-Khar, The God-Chieftain, Orc Demi-God of Strength and Honour, chosen of Virtus


Ogrul, The First Orc: Orc Demi-god of War, death, destruction and domination (born from joining some essence of Eurynomos, Zaratos and Seth)


Glatek, The Eternal Mother: Orc Goddess of the tribe and clan


Zaratos the Destroyer of cities: Daemon god of the 4th layer of the underworld and God of destruction


Seth the Slave Driver: Daemon god of the 5th layer of the underworld and God of Tyranny and oppression


Eurynomos the Pestilent wave: Daemon god of the 11th layer of the underworld and God of Disease and Plagues




Orcs, Half-orcs