Elves originally hailed from the mirror world of Neptos in the Fey Realm.

It is unclear why the elves migrated to the mortal realm, but histories lost in legend tell of the ancient races’ foley in pursuing knowledge in its purest form without care for the consequence.


The Elves awakened dark powers on their world which triggered a mass exodus of fey kin to the Mortal plane.

Many sages believe that the dark power they awakened was none other than Immortuos.


The Elves quickly established their Kingdoms amongst the budding  Human and  Dwarven civilizations,  and what Fey Gods survived the calamities event in the Fey Realm, made their way to the Mortal Plane with their worshipers.

Life and Death

In the Fey Realm Elves were all but immortal.

Able to live for many millennia. Their exodus to the Mortal Plane has shortened their lifespan but even so, an Elf’s lifespan is measured in many human generations. Only Dragons live longer than Elves.

Elves reproduce at very slow rates. It is not uncommon for elf siblings to be centuries apart in age.


Elves are able to reproduce with humans creating “Half-elves“.

It is theorized by some scholars and sages that Elves can reproduce with Orcs to create half-elf half-orcs.  There are no known individuals of this type in existence.


Elves are somewhat aloof.

Their demeanor towards most other races has many contributing factors.


They try not to form bonds of friendship, especially with humans as any emotional relationship is destined for sadness.

Additionally, elves, especially High elves have an arrogance about them that is due to their longevity and ability to gain wealth, experience, and knowledge at levels that most humans can never achieve.


Of the wealthiest individuals living in human societies, elves tend to be overlay represented. Their wealth and influence lead to some levels of distrust amongst the commoners and even some nobles who see their influence on their holdings as unwelcome.

While not openly hostile towards elves, humans in many parts of the world are wary of “meddling” elves.


Elves have a higher chance than most races to be born with a magical affinity.


Elves are known for their artisanship. Able to imbue materials with magic properties the elves are able to construct airships to traverse the continent.


Elves in general are masters of magic in the schools of Illusion, divination, and Warding.


High Elves and Wood Elves


Two main types of elves exist, although they are really the same race with cultural differences. High Elves and Wood Elves.


With the fall of the Kingdom of Irandal only two High Elf kingdoms exist.

The Kingdom of Amandore in Western Thytika and the Ithuan Elves of Central Thytika.


High elves pursue the higher arts of magic and academics.


Their cities are masterpieces of engineering. Equal parts engineering and magic constructs.


Wood elves are equally devoted to the pursuits of magic and academics but they prefer to stay in tune with nature, living in symbiosis with the forests “Speaking” to trees they fashion their cities and homes in the copse of the tallest trees in the woods and forests.


Wood elf societies are called enclaves.


High Elf Kingdoms


Kingdom of Irandal: Destroyed

Kingdom of Amandore

Kingdom of Ithuan


Wood Elf Enclaves


Moonglade Enclave

Shadow Woods Enclave

Amandore Enclaves


General Information

Avg. age

over 1,000 years



Magical affinity

Very high

Swept ears

Very low fertility



Swept ears

Very low fertility


Skin Colour

Same as humans plus shades of copper, gold and blue

Eye colour

Same as humans plus gold and silver