Greater Gods

The Greater Gods, also known as the Prime Gods are the chief deities of the world of Neptos.


Created by Protos, the Prime Creator, they represent the will of all sentient creatures on the mortal plane of existence.


The Greater gods are the most powerful beings in existence but they are not omnipotent. They share the mortal flaws of their worshipers as well as their mortal desires.


Through worship, the gods gain power and influence. In return, they grant powers to their faithful through divine magic.


This creates a synergistic relationship between the Gods and mortals of the world where the gods’ powers expand according to the devotion of their followers.


There is much theological debate amongst scholars, sages, and clerics as to what came first, the gods or the worship? However, one thing remains true. The divine is no illusion and the powers gods grant their followers are real.


While the greater Gods represent mostly human needs,  their worship is not exclusive and all races can give their devotion and receive the gods’ gifts in return.


Each Greater God represents a Portfolio or Domain of worship.

Thirteen Greater Gods of Neptos

Magos the Supreme Wizard: God of Magic


Virtus the Truth Seeker: Goddess of Justice and Honour


Yama the Sworn Avenger: God of vengeance and retribution


Helios The Light bringer: God of the Sun, dawn and new beginnings


Inann The All mother: Goddess of birth, life and love


Thanatos the Sheperd of souls: God of the dead


Leviathan: The King of Krakens:  God of the Ocean, denizens of the sea and storms


Aris the Titan killer: God strategy and War


Irini the Peace keeper: Goddess of peace, treaties and diplomats


Medeina the Protector of the wilds: Goddess of the Forests and nature.


Lycos the Peerless hunter: God of the hunt, predators, and trackers


Ogma the Keeper of lore: God of Language, writing, knowledge, and history


Ogun the Humble laborer: God of Artisans, agriculture, and trade





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