Half-Elves are the product of the union between humans and elves.

While discouraged,  it is not uncommon for elves to pursue physical relationships with humans for pleasure nor is it unheard of for some elves to fall in love with humans.


The low birth rate of elves is consistent with these unions, but half-elves can be born from these couplings that share traits from both parents.


Half-elves do not have the aloof nature of their elf kin, but the same mistrust some humans have of elves is extended to half-elves.

Life and Death

Half-Elves have some of the Elven longevity and it’s not uncommon to inherit some magical affinity of their elven parent. They commonly live for close to 250 years and sometimes over 300 years.

Half-elves can breed with Elves, Half-Elves, and Humans to create other Half-Elves but fertility rates are low.


Half-elves are accepted in most human societies but still marked as different and subject to some prejudice depending on their station in life.


Wood Elves are more accepting of half-elves than their high elf cousins who see them as impure and want to distance themselves from a relationship that is destined sadness.




General Information

Avg. age

200-300 years



Magical affinity



Swept ears

Low fertility


Eye colour

Same as humans plus gold and silver