The Southwood is a “relatively” safe wooded area north of the Wild Moors.


It has been heavily lumbered in the past and now is inhabited by a small contingent of rangers and druids that call it home and preserve and protect it.


It is for this reason that travellers and explorers from the surrounding human settlements (particularly Rivermouth) like to frequent the Smallwood to hunt, camp and enjoy the outdoors without the usual threats and dangers that accompany the wilderness of Western Thytika. (although they do well to employ guides or some protection)


Goblins from the Wild Moors and Wild Mnts. have been known to pass through the forest on occasion but rarely do they get up too much more mischief than robbing and stealing from campers and hunting parties. The rangers make sure of this.


The rangers and druids allow controlled logging of the Smallwood’s permitter by Sanctuary, Woodhill and Rivermouth as well as hunting as long as the latter is done for sustenance. Trophy hunting is not permitted and any that do risk the ire of the inhabitants.


Rumours of pixies that play pranks on unwary travellers are common gossip but the rangers and druids neither confirm nor deny their presence within the Woods.





Rangers, Druids, Pixies, Goblins