Woodhill is a small Frontier town of Farmers and miners on the North-East border of the Wild Moor.


The small town is nestled in between the pristine waters of the Clear Star Lake to the south and the Smallwood to the North.


The town is mostly surrounded by a wooden palisade with a small keep that houses the town’s mayor-sheriff, as well as barracks for the full-time militia that the frontier town relies on for its security.


Farms and ranches reach out for almost 3 miles outside the walls on the Western flank, sheltered from the dangers to the east of the Wild Moors proper.


It is home to several hundred strong and hard-working folks. A small crew of dwarves, new to the town, have also settled in, taking advantage of some new mines their prospectors have uncovered in the foothills of the Wild Mounts to the east.


The bulk of the residents have jobs as farmhands, Lumber Jacks, hunters, miners, fishermen, and sailors on the river barges.


Due to the proximity of the dangerous Wild Moor the town has a larger than normal paid militia.

The strong local militia’s presence keeps the village safe from the closest goblin and orc tribes from raiding and stealing.


The mining expeditions venturing into the Wild Mnts. however, are always under threat.

The local Dwarven mining guild pays handsomely for reliable and tested mercenary guards to escort their miners back and forth from their temporary mines.


Sanctuary is known to provide a good portion of these guards in many joint mining operations. As such, Sanctuary and Woodhill have a good relationship engaging in fair trade.


Woodhill is not an official member of the Free Cities’ Coalition but co-operates with the member states of the coalition honoring the trade agreements and spirit of co-operation on the frontier.

Notable Inhabitants

Mayor Fredrik

Guild Master Dathran Stoneshaft

Hauron Stonesmasher









3,000 (inc surrounding farmsteads)

Elected Mayor

Mayor-Sherrif Fredrik









Iron Ore, Lumber


Stone, Cider, Ale


Major Religions