Longbow vs Warbow against Gambeson Armour Test

Longbow vs Warbow against Gambeson Armour Test

In this video, we test a Longbow and a Warbow with a range of war arrows against different samples of 30-layer gambeson armor.

Arrows used include historically accurate replicas by Will Sherman and Quiverstock Arrows  (Hector Cole arrow heads). As well as Arrows from Shire Archery

The Longbow in the test is a 55lb Pacific Yew Longbow, generating 40-45 J of (KE)   from Ravenbeak 

The Warbow is an 87-93lb Laminate, generating 60-70 J of (KE) made by Black Arrow Longbows  

Gambeson worn (and tested) is from Spes Medieval Market

The second Gambeson sample tested is from Steel Mastery



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