Channeling my inner Legolas! 113lb English Warbow.

In this video, I test my 113lb Warbow with a range of arrows (886-1414 grain) through a chrono, to determine the speed and energy a bow of this weight can produce.

I tried my best with this.

You can count the attempts I made on the bow. Over 20 draws with the vast majority being full draw. I am sorry that we could not get some consistent data from the chronograph but the results are what they are.

Weighing the Bow: 2:07

Chrono Tests: 2:22

Results debrief: 9:27

Results Table: 10:33

Bonus Tests: 16:01


In addition to this test video, I have other test videos on my channel where we put some of these bows up against period-accurate armour, such as Shields, Gambeson armour, and Chain Mail armor.

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