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Change of Fortune: A Fateful Force Origins story, prequal to The Tome of Syyx.



    This is to confirm that I am the author of the Tome of Syyx and the recent profile created with my name on Royal Road is in fact me.


    This page is on my author’s website “The Fateful Force”.

    You can click on multiple links on this page to navigate my website to verify that it is in fact authentic.


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    Hi Stavros Saristavros,

    We noticed that the story that you submitted is available on other sites.
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    I appreciate the care taken to ensure authors are protected

    Thank you Stavros Saristavros

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    An Epic D&D style Adventure


    Gritty, eloquent, and teaming with plot twists, Saristavros’ debut to The Fateful Force series is an unrivaled combination of immersive worldbuilding, gripping action sequences, haunting necromancy, and diverse fantasy races that will enthrall even the pickiest fantasy readers!


    One thousand years after the Third Demon War, Immortuos, the Demon God of Undeath is plotting to rise again. Immortuos is universally hated by all races and factions. Having discovered how to capture the essence of the dead by animating their corpses, he no longer requires mortal worship to ascend as the One and Only God.


    Little does he know, the greatest threat to his existence lies in the remote frontier town of Sanctuary, a haven for half-breed races trying to live human lives without the smothering pressure of orc influence and hobgoblin rule.


    When a motley crew of fantasy adventurers (The Fierce Force) discover a corpse that does not bleed in the no-man’s-land of the Wild Moor, they have no choice but to take on increasingly dangerous missions and the seemingly-impossible task of confronting Immortuos’ plot head-on.


    The Fierce Force consists of:
    Zom, a half-orc fighter who hunts full-blooded orcs for vengeance
    Akke, a deceptive and cunning half-elf female bard, skilled in illusion spells
    Ailuros, an adventure-junkie panthor (cat man) ranger/barbarian, skilled in tracking and hunting
    Osho, a human monk serving the God of the Dead, skilled in hand-to-hand martial arts

    Step into this riveting Dungeons and Dragons-inspired adventure.

    *no dice required

    The Fierce Force


    Osho and Zom are confronted by a Demon of Immortuos. Find out more  in the thrilling Epic Fantasy


    About the Author

    Stavros Saristavros is a Greek-Australian world-building extraordinaire who creates elaborate fantasy realms based on his vast experience as a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master. When he’s not enthralling his readers and D&D party members with his twisting plots and surprising character development, he shares free role playing game (RPG) battle maps and resources on his website for tabletop gamers.

    As an avid MMA fan, he trains extensively in boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is a Black Belt in karate – all of which helps him write realistic fight sequences in his action-packed novels. Don’t miss The Tome of Syyx, the first novel in The Fateful Force series today!

    Editorial Reviews

    “Stavros Saristavros’ Dungeons & Dragons-inspired debut, THE TOME OF SYYX, is an epic labor of love that is sure to resonate with like-minded readers.” – James Weiskittel


    “I was thrilled for this book based on its synopsis: Orcs and Dragons and Adventure bode for an amazing story ready to unfold. And I cannot fault it: a great story did unfold!”

    Reedsy Reviewer – Elodie de Groot


    “The Tome of Syyx starts with an exciting battle scene, dropping us straight into the action. The descriptive writing is terrific:  Saristavros’ character development is solid, with character traits and histories introduced organically throughout the book. His adherence to a character’s viewpoint is also admirable. It is an excellent fantasy novel that should appeal to all fans of the genre.” – Josh Fee


    A Fateful Force Origins Story: A time before grand adventures and ancient evils.


    Struggling to come to terms with her lot in life, Akke believes beyond hope that she is destined for something greater than to live out her days as the life of a street rat. So when she is presented with the opportunity to rid herself of the invisible shackles of a corrupt city, Akke does not hesitate to take her fate into her own hands. But are dreams only for fools and the desperate? And is she just trading one set of shackles for another?