Vlak’s Hold

Vlak’s Hold was a fortress built into the lone mountain at the center of the Wild Moor, controlled by a powerful hobgoblin Warlord by the name of Vlak.


Vlak controlled a large territory spanning many miles in every direction from his central base of operation, with tens of thousands of hobgoblins and uncounted goblin slaves at his command.


Most settlements that fell within Vlak’s domain were small and primitive at best. Filthy tents and lean-to’s, inhabited by goblins, but there were more than a few well-maintained and sturdy looking forts surrounded by proper buildings and farms that would resemble more civilized settlement if not for their inhabitants.


Vlaks’ hobgoblins were well-organized,  well-entrenched, and the most powerful force in the moor.


The forces of Vlak were at war with a large Orc clan, The Blood Moons.

Notable Inhabitants

Warlord Vlak

Annihilator Zaktak

First Warchief Zarkon

Warchief Kurig

Warchief Barzor

Vlazok the Violent




over 100,000


Blood Moons

Yellow Suns

Black Hands

Red Claws



Dagger Tribe